Author: Benjamin Oliver

Ending Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking Forever

Oppressing another human is among the best criminal offenses versus mankind. Just because it robs the person of their sense of self, the capability to establish their limitless capacity, and their individual flexibility. Slavery was among the most dreadful occasions in human history and in the year 2008 this atrocity to mankind continues.

Dark Side

It’s essential to keep in mind, that there are a wide variety of books that expose this dark side of humankind and its effect in our society. In addition to that, fantastic efforts have been made to increase public awareness of human trafficking through global online forums, conferences, awareness projects, as well as films. Nevertheless, little has been stated in concerns to ways to end this around the world epidemic permanently.

Human Trafficking

Federal governments worldwide have reacted to the worldwide human trafficking issue by starting anti-trafficking legislation and job forces developed to assist avoid, discourage or prevent this activity, but the variety of men, women, and kids that are being trafficked appears to increase daily.

As an outcome, the question must be asked, “How do we put an end to human trafficking permanently?” I think that as a society we need to start to visualize and think in a world where complete and overall equality does exist for all humankind.

This would be a world where we commemorate our distinctions, and value everyone for their contributions to the world, no matter how huge or small it might be, and this would be a world where we consider each other as equates to.


The initial step that we should take in order to end human trafficking permanently, is to establish a new vision for the world that we wish to see. As a society when we say jointly that we want to end human trafficking what we are truly stating is that we wish to reside in a world with complete and overall equality for every single man, lady, and child. A world where everybody has the chance to make their own distinct contributions to society. A world where everybody can reside in complete and overall liberty.

In order to end human trafficking, we need to start dreaming once again, we need to start imagining the world that we wish to see, then start to imagine this world, and share this vision with our buddies, family, and next-door neighbors.

Slavery Still Exists in The Modern World

When people are speaking about slavery, they are describing generations of discomforts and sufferings in previous human history. They are not recognized that it is taking place to-day, in this contemporary age. In recalling into history, many would relate to slavery as an issue restricted to the previous stories which had been heard and informed a lot of times over.

Most likely for some, it may be just some very well composed fiction stories. But nobody would attempt to think, that such a thing about slavery is still occurring to-day.

Slavery in Different Forms

Modern slavery emerged in many sectors. It is challenging to be acknowledged or to be identified. They are very uncommon to be seen outdoors or in public. They always keep to themselves. The majority of them are from abroad. Many from the developing nation. They left their homeland, households and nations with the want to find a much better lifestyle in other places. Rather, they ended up in slavery.

Servant Circumstance

Their dialect is very hard to understand. Servants are always under some sort of pressure, control and monitoring. They do not combine with others quickly. They always show this paradoxical and strangeness mode. Sometimes, victims might show some sign of worry and animosity.

They might be residing in a bad condition with others; in a confined or overcrowded lodging. Operating at the very same address with no paper of recognition. It took place that sometimes in some nations, parents treated their own kids as servants.

Not everybody concurs that slavery is taking place in this contemporary age. It is to understand, that a servant is a number instead of an individual. She or he has no say in anything; because a servant has no rights and no liberty of whatsoever. A servant does not form part of the society. She or he is one who is lawfully bound in outright obedience and bondage to a person or home to carry out labor without pay.

Our world might be always in the procedure of change, but there are things that never ever change. Slavery is among them.

Quick Review of the Origins of Slavery


Slavery started with civilization. For hunter-gatherer’s servants would have been an unaffordable luxury– there would not have sufficed food to go round. With the development of growing, those beat in warfare might be taken as servants.

Western slavery returns 10,000 years to Mesopotamia, today’s Iraq, where a male servant deserved an orchard of date palms. Female servants were gotten in touch with for sexual services, getting liberty only when their masters passed away.

Early abolitionists occurred through 2 Jewish sects, the Essenes and the Therapeutae, who hated slave-owning and tried purchasing servants in order to free them.


The ancient Greeks chose women and kids as servants for domestic work instead of defiant men who were just butchered. Any child born to servant women hence had a dad who was free– a status that was also given upon them. With the development of the Greek city states and the commercial production of cotton the need for farming servants grew, resulting in a boost in warfare.


The Roman Empire stretched throughout the whole Mediterranean area and servant trading huged business. Servants were trained for all possible functions, with gladiators combating to the death for public entertainment at the severe end. The Roman emperors owned countless servants to indulge their every impulse. They functioned as clerks, secretaries as well as tax representatives.

Middle ages Europe

In the early Middle Ages the Church excused slavery– opposing it only when Christians were oppressed by ‘infidels’. Vikings robbed Britain from 800 ADVERTISEMENT and offered their slaves to markets in Istanbul and Islamic Spain. Faith was no barrier to the servant trade– Christians, Muslims and Jews all partook. The Black Death– an afflict epidemic– made need for domestic servants skyrocket in Italy. Servants were typically presumed of poisoning their masters and penalties were alarming.

The US

Servants assisted America win flexibility from the British throughout the American War of Independence, without, nevertheless, getting their own. The motto, ‘All men are produced equal’ had a hollow ring when even Thomas Jefferson who composed it owned servants. Servants did every you can possibly imagine job that their masters chose, with proficient servants being hired for more revenue.

With the development of the United Nations every member state was required to ban slavery– at least in concept. But previous slavery tosses a long shadow, as evidenced by different motions for reparations.